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Professor Matwyshyn has taught courses on law, computer science/engineering, and business school faculties. Here are some excellent projects built by her students. 
She first taught a course on Information Security Law in 2005 - (one of) the first in a law school. 


At Penn State

Law:  Information Security Law
Law/Engineering:  PILOT lab course

Founding Faculty Director:  PILOT lab - Policy Innovation Lab of Tomorrow 
Founding Faculty Director: Manglona Lab for Gender and Economic Equity

At Northeastern University:

Law:  Information Security and Privacy Regulation 
Law:  Internet Law
Law:  Introduction to Intellectual Property
Law:  Contracts

Faculty Sponsor, Entrepreneurship Clinic
Founding Faculty Co-Director,  CLIC - Center for Law, Innovation, and Creativity

At Princeton University:

Computer Science:  Internet Law and Policy

At University of Notre Dame:

Law:  Information Security and Privacy Regulation
Law:  Secured Transactions

At University of Pennsylvania:

Business/Law:  Securities Regulation
Business/Law:  Marketing and Advertising Law
Business: Internet Law and Policy
Business: Introduction to Legal Studies

At University of Florida:

Law: Information Security and Privacy Regulation
Law: Internet Law
Law: Contracts

Founding Faculty Director, Center for Information Research 

At Northwestern University:

Computer Science:  Information Security - Technology, Business, and Law
Law:  E-Commerce Regulation
Law:  Structuring Information Technology Transactions

Assistant Director,  Entrepreneurship Clinic
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