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These are some of the final projects created by Prof. Matwyshyn's students in her internet law and infosec law classes:

Penn State:
- PILOT lab student projects:
- PILOT lab postdoc projects:

- CFAA Timeline:

- Voter Registration Database Sales: 

- Voting System Vulnerability Reporting Timeline:
- History of the SSN as a unique identifier:

- Data Breach Timeline:

-  Net Neutrality Timeline:

- GDPR Timeline: 

- Cryptocurrency (and Digital Cash) Timeline: 

- Credit Reporting and Computerization Timeline:
- DMCA Exemptions Timeline: 

- Information Security Law in China Timeline:

- Internet Law in Saudi Arabia:

- Internet Tax Timeline:

- A blog about internet contracts: 

- Terms of Use Analysis:

- Securities Filings Disclosures and Breaches Timeline: 
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