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Professor Matwyshyn is a fan of Professor/Rear Admiral Grace Hopper,
the mother of software engineering (and hacking).  
Hopper wrote a book called Understanding Computers (1984). 
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A list of books about Hopper, which deserves to be longer:

Beyer, Kurt W., Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age


Beyer, Kurt W.,The Myth of Grace: A BIT of Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age 


Billings, Charlene W., Grace Hopper: Navy Admiral and Computer Pioneer 

Borgert-Spaniol, Megan, Grace Hopper: Advancing Computer Science


Carter, Natashia, Hopper's Numbers

CELEBRATION PRESS, Grace Hopper: Computer Pioneer

Cointreau, Maya, The Girl Who Could Talk to Computers - An Inspirational Tale About Grace Hopper 

Cuison, Imee, Grace, The Clever Computer Scientist: Grace Hopper 

Evans, Claire L., Broad Band: The Untold Story of Women Who Made the Internet

Gilbert, Lynn, Moore, Gaylen, Particular Passions: Grace Murray Hopper

Isaacson, Walter, The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution 

Marx, Christy, Grace Hopper: The First Woman to Program the First Computer in the United States 


Mattern, Joanne, Grace Hopper: Computer Pioneer

Murphy, Patricia J., Grace Hopper: Computer Whiz

Pelleschi, Andrea, Mathematician and Computer Scientist Grace Hopper

Schneider, Carl, Grace Murray Hopper: Working to create the future

Staley, Erin, Grace Murray Hopper

Wallmark, Laurie, Wu, Katy, Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code

Wheeler, Jill C., Grace Hopper: Computer Scientist

Whitelaw, Nancy, Hamlin, Janet, Brand, Grace Hopper: Programming Pioneer

Williams, Kathleen Broom, Grace Hopper: Admiral of the Cyber Sea

Williams, Kathleen Broom, Improbable Warriors: Woman Scientists and the U.S. Navy in World War II (2001).

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